Blindness is a state whereby there is no visual perception. Blindness can be caused by either internal or external factors. Internal factors include infection of the physiological or neurological system while external factors are like chemicals or eye injuries. Just like deafness, blindness can manifest at birth or later on in life. Medical tests are essential to determine the level of blindness. Blindness can also occur when there is a hearing impairment, and a combination of the two conditions leads to deaf-blindness.

finders reading braille.

Blindness is a state whereby there is no visual perception.

Total blindness doesn’t require any aid in form of contact lenses or eye glasses because there is no vision at all. At this state, the blind is senseless as he cannot see anything. On the other hand, there are those who are blind, but still have a light perception such that they can be able to tell light from dark, as well as point out the source of light. The different types of sightlessness are colour, night, or snow-blindness. Colour-blind is a term commonly associated with men, and doesn’t mean that they are truly blind. It is just being incapable of telling some colours apart, but normal vision is perfect.

If a person is exposed to intense light and they lose vision, this is referred to as snow-blindness and happens when the cells of the corneal surface of the eye swell. It is not sightlessness because such an individual can be able to perceive movements. Night-blindness is caused by a decrease of light in an area leading to lack of visual perception, but if the light is increased, normal vision is resumed. Both night and colour-sightlessness are genetically inherited. Those who can see without their glasses are not blind.

The eyes, ear, and other senses of the body are very important, and as long as they are functioning normal, they ought to be taken care of. If the condition is acquired genetically, or through injury, suitable professional help should be sought, so that the right aid is given. Frequent check-ups and healthy diets contribute to reduced chances of dealing with blindness.

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